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Trademark Registration – Protect your revenue stream by ensuring your brand receives all of the protections available under Federal Law


Trademark Search – Review existing trademarks prior to your filing to analyze potential conflict


Office Action Response Packages and Appeals – Communicate with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on you behalf regarding trademark application


Cease and Desist Letter – A key tool to communicate with people using your mark without permission, alerting authorized users that your mark is legally protected


Trademark Assignment Agreement – Enables the trademark owner to transfer trademark rights or ownership to another individual or entity


Trademark Renewal


Trademark Revival


Drafting agreements that anticipate contingencies, clearly state rights and obligations, and fully reflects deal points.

Non exhaustive list of Small Business matters:

Licensing Agreement

Non – Disclosure Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Vendor Agreement

Marketing Agreement

Financing Agreement

Supplier Agreement

Non exhaustive list of Entertainment Industry Specific Agreements:

Producer Agreement

Director Agreement

Casting Director Agreement

Actor Deal Memos and Agreements

Line Producer Agreement

Editor Agreement

Post Production Supervisor Agreement

Master Use License

Location Agreements

Releases-Extras, Vehicles, etc.

Vendor Agreements

Life Story Rights Agreements

Location Agreements

Option Agreements

Co-Production Agreements

Personal Appearance Releases

Live Performance Agreements

Business Formation


Entity Selection

Business Registration

Incorporating Documents and Procedures

Type of Businesses

C corporations

S corporations

Professional Corporations (PC)

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)


Limited partnerships (LP)

Joint ventures

Business succession

Sole proprietorships

Types of Documents

Articles of Incorporation


Operating agreements

Employment agreements and policies

Shareholder agreements

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Entrepreneurs in all fields, especially the entertainment and technology industries make tremendous sacrifices, take incredible risks, and overcome extreme challenges in pursuit of success. In today’s fast changing environment, business professionals must view legal strategy as part of a successful business plan helping them make smart decisions and avoid potentially dangerous and financially catastrophic situations. The Broden Firm, based in Los Angeles, can help you make the proper legal and business decisions.

The Broden Firm provides Los Angeles based business law, entertainment law, trademark, and corporate law services tailored to fit the budgets of individual small business owners.

Contact the Los Angeles based, Broden Firm so we can help you grow your business by creating a legal strategies that will empower  your small business.

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